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My name is Pablo Lara, I joined Guardian Litigation Group in February 2022. I’ve learned a lot of things that had made a positive impact in my life as a professional, I truly believe what we do it's important because we help our clients to become debt free and cause a positive impact in their lives, prior to joining Guardian I worked for Humana as a client advocate for 1 year, I’ve also work for SiriusXM and Comcast, I’m one year away of becoming an attorney, I love spending time with my friends and family, and playing football on Sundays.

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  • Assertive

    It helps to have a team that isn't afraid to be creative and think outside the box to generate results for our clients.

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    Guardian was established on the tenants of honesty, integrity, and trust. We ensure that these enduring principles manifest in every aspect of our service.

  • Resolute

    It gives us purpose to know that every case we take on has a marked impact on the future of our clients and their families.